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Older people living in care homes can have the most complex of needs that are hugely challenging to address. In days gone by they would have lived in long stay geriatric wards cared for by NHS staff who had access to education and training throughout their careers while also at the same time had opportunities to learn from one another through multidisciplinary and interagency working. When these wards were closed in order to provide a more social model of care in the independent care sector the workforce didn’t move and neither did the access to formal education and training. The Enhanced Health for Care Homes Framework developed by NHS England and the Care Home Vanguard teams provides an excellent base to focus upon specific elements of care and using this as a guide our ‘Care Homes Matter’ conference and workshop was developed. There was a real buzz about the day and one of the most important acknowledgements afterwards was that those presenting and facilitating workshops learned as much from the care home staff as they did from them.