NE Vanguard Network

Newcastle Gateshead CCG is involved in the successful NE Vanguard Network which has brought the learning and sharing of our work to others in the region and nationally. The group meet on a monthly basis and have hosted 2 learning and sharing events throughout 2016.

Members of the Vanguard network come from Northumbria ACC, Northumberland PAC’s, Sunderland MCP, NE Regional Urgent and Emergency Care Vanguards as well as Newcastle Gateshead EHCH. The group enables learning and sharing amongst each vanguard but also with other areas (non-vanguards).

The Regional Network has also commissioned a joint evaluation in 2016/17 to cover a number of key areas that cut across all new care models work. This includes:

  • The use of technology in the delivery of care
  • Culture and relationships to support change
  • Health economics – is what we’re doing making a difference?

A final report of this evaluation that has been completed by an independent group of NE Universities is expected in May 2017. A regional learning and sharing event to consider the findings and outcomes of the regional Vanguards evaluation work is planned for 27 June 2017.

A further piece of work, specifically picking up some of the culture and relationships work across the area has been developed with Newcastle University Business School focussing on ‘Middle Managers’ is also underway with findings expected in September 2017.

Latest development for the network include a co-ordinated and joint approach to sharing our learning across the STP, other parts of the region as well as nationally. Watch this space for further plans / events and information coming soon!