Newcastle Gateshead - Enhanced Healthcare in Care Homes

Our ambition is to ensure the very best care is delivered to the over 65 population of Newcastle Gateshead. The following describes our New Care Model for the people of Gateshead and Newcastle who require community-bed and home-based care services. We aim to create a ‘one bed, one outcome’ concept through an integrated commissioning and provision model underpinned by an outcome-based contractual and payment approach:

MISSION STATEMENT: ONE BED, ONE OUTCOME: One bed – whoever the Commissioner, Provider, Person.

VISION: Develop a sustainable, high quality New Care Model for people in community-beds and receiving home-based care services across Gateshead.

CHANGE IDEA: Develop a New Care Model for enhancing healthcare within community beds (including home-based services) with a new outcome-based contracting and payment system that supports the development of a Provider Alliance Network (PAN) delivery vehicle.

NHS England has published the Enhanced Health in Care Homes Framework, which has 7 key elements to it:

  • Enhanced Primary Care Support

  • Multidisciplinary team support including co-ordinated health and social care

  • Re-ablement and rehabilitation

  • High quality re-ablement and rehabilitation

  • High quality end of life and dementia care

  • Joined up commissioning and collaboration between health and social care

  • Workforce development

  • Harnessing data and technology
    A key focus for this work was to mainstream the learning and sharing, so that aspects of the framework are integrated into existing ways of working to ensure that improvements in care continue beyond the end of the programme.
    Post-vanguard we continue to work in partnership with stakeholders and providers to ensure that this is achieved.