In December 2016, January and February 2017, Sunderland University carried out an evaluation of the Commissioning and Contracting work stream of our Enhanced Health in Care Homes Vanguard (EHCH). The report that is now published is an accurate reflection of the situation at that time, stating reasons why the independent sector care homes didn’t wish to engage in the EHCH programmes of work. 

The report has highlighted areas which we have been able to consider further and the work stream has developed in light of this learning. As an example the original ‘push’ towards having a provider alliance network has not been progressed at this moment in time, as it became clear that both commissioner and providers were not clear on what this could be or what we collectively wanted it to achieve. 

Significant  progress has been made since this evaluation was carried out and we’re pleased to report that vast improvement have been made with the relationships between the independent sector care homes and commissioners. In August 2017 we now have several independent sector care homes engaged in the work of the programme, covering not just commissioning and contracting, but also the pathway of care and workforce as examples.

An independent care home sector forum with CCG commissioners, LA commissioners and care home managers and providers is in place, which has superseded our care home champion’s programme and is now meetingbi-monthly . The focus of these meetings has been and will continue to be both clinical and commissioning as we move forward.

We will be continuing to work with care homes with this more positive approach to collaborative working and endeavour to continue to build the trusting relationships that are required to achieve better outcomes for older people. 

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