The programme

Lesley Bainbridge, Lead Nurse, Care Home Vanguard Programme, leads one of six work streams; Pathway of Care, focusing on all clinical aspects of the programme. She says: 'We know that illness in old age doesn't always present in the same way as it does in younger adults. With older people living with frailty, you often see functional changes first - so it is useless to look at observation changes if you don't know that the parameters are different in this group of people'. As a consequence of the above a key aspect around the implementation of NEWS is evaluating the relationship between an individual's NEWS score, level of frailty, cognitive impairment, functional abilities and treatment outcomes. A comprehensive evaluation of the programme to help understand the impact and benefits of introducing the technology is being undertaken by Northumbria University The CCG understood the importance of working with care homes to promote the benefits of using the technology, understand their needs and identify any technological and operational barriers that could impact on introduction of the technology. To help rollout the programme, it funded
a practice educator (a nurse by background) in line with
a recommendation made by Northumbria University. The practice educators' role is to lead on care home engagement, training and education of care home staff and manage the roll out and implementation of the technology.